DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – How to fix a Crack Hole in Bathtub

Instead of getting a total replacement, the video demonstrates how to repair a small hole or crack in the bathtub.

The great thing about this video is that viewers do not have to know a lot about bathtub repair to complete this project.

Many viewers will appreciate that the only thing that they need to know how to do is follow directions. The speaker talks in simple language, so the directions aren’t difficult to understand.

Of course, viewers need to purchase a shower and tub repair kit from a local hardware store for this project to be a success.

Although the video was really dry, the speaker did get his point across quickly, which is definitely a plus for those with busy lifestyles. It’s a great quick and straightforward video.

Thankfully, there were not any distractions or promotions in the video; as a result, it was extremely easy to follow.

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