DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – Chipped Bathtub Repair

The primary purpose of this video is to teach viewers about the best way to repair a chip in the tub.

The entire video was straightforward and simple to follow, and thankfully, viewers do not need any prior bathroom repair knowledge for this project. All the viewers need is cleaning solution, tape, a scraper, puddy, and sandpaper.

Many viewers will really appreciate that the video provided great helpful tips to make this project quicker and easier. They may also like how the speaker provided every single step even ones that may seem self-explanatory.

The only improvement that the video could use is a little humor. Although it certainly wasn’t entertaining, the video clearly states how to repair a bathtub chip in less than one minute. Can it get much better than that?

There were not any promotions or other distractions in the video, which made it easy to watch.

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