Why Take the Bathroom Survey?

Did You Know…??

The average person visits a bathroom 2,500 times per year, and spends 3 years of their life on the toilet.

43% of people go the bathroom to get some alone time, and 39 % of people cite their bathroom as a place they go if they need time to think.

Men spend 2.4 more minutes on the toilet per sit down than women, while women, on average, spend two more minutes in the shower (13 minutes) than men do (11 minutes).

The average person takes 6.7 showers per week.

67% of people use their shower time to reflect on their day.

63% of Americans read books, magazines, or newspapers in the bathroom, although smartphones have taken the lead as the most used/looked at item while using the restroom.

Given all of these interesting stats, it shouldn’t be any surprise that bathroom remodels are one of the most popular remodeling projects around, and one of the most valuable when it comes to improving the overall value of your home. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the more expensive remodels that American homeowners undertake, with the average bathroom remodel running just over $18,000 per job according to the most recent Cost vs. Value report published in Remodeling Magazine. With that kind of price tag, the big question is whether your bathroom is ready for a full-scale makeover or not?

With years of experience working in the remodeling and home improvement industry, we’re here to help you answer that query. Answer the simple questions in The Bathroom Survey to help determine whether it’s time for your bathroom to get a serious face-lift!