DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – Tub and Shower Faucet Trim

The primary goal of this video is to inform the audience about how to replace a tub and faucet trim.

The video was not really easy to follow because it featured stills/images with a voiceover of the speaker explaining how to do this DIY project. The images were not even clear, and the video assumed that viewers knew the names of all the parts, which made it hard to understand the steps.

A great way to improve this video is to include footage of a person actually performing the project. That way, the viewer can actually see how to replace the tub and faucet trim.

The voice in the video was extremely dry, and the stills/images made it even more uninteresting. The speaker could have included a little humor to make the video more entertaining.

The videos didn’t have any promotions, but the images/stills were a little distracting.

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