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DIY Bathroom Renovation video review – Easy Small Bathroom Remodel

Easy Small Bathroom Remodel, a YouTube production from Fix This Build That, is a very good demonstration of a bathroom renovation. Brad Rodriguez explains the basics of the DIY project for anyone with some basic skills can complete with professional results.

Brad explains his intent to give the small bathroom a facelift. He removes the old tile to find the contractor used an odd adhesive unnecessarily, making it difficult to remove, but he has it done in short order. He explains the importance of removing all adhesive from the cement floor. Then he demonstrates how to remove the toilet, he recommends that the tank be removed separately, but he removes the bowl and tank at once. The old cabinet and sink are torn down and removed.

He reminds viewers of the importance of wearing eye protection. When he attempts to remove the plate mirror, the mirror cracks. He duct-taped the remaining glass and, with heavy gloves, removed it piece by piece, only to find the original contractor used excessive adhesive. So much so, the drywall was badly damaged.

Rather than haphazardly repairing the patches, he demonstrated how to remove the section of the damaged drywall and cut a near-perfect fitting new wallboard. Then he used a special augmented reality app to decide what color paint he wanted and explained standard practices for priming and painting bathrooms.

Brad demonstrated how to install a new sink and how to place vinyl flooring very well.

For the most part, the painting, toilet reinstallation, and flooring install were clear and to the point. He glossed over some aspects, but he did refer viewers to other videos of his. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated standard practices well. The demonstration is an excellent launch to a relatively easy DIY project for someone with limited experience.

Bathroom Design and Decorating Trends for 2022

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where you get ready for work, wash up after a long day, or take care of personal grooming needs. The following are some of the 2022 bathroom design and decorating trends.

Minimalist Bathroom

The minimalist aesthetic is nothing new, but it has taken a turn for the home over recent years. As more people are opting to live without clutter and excess items, we’re seeing this trend make its way into our bathrooms as well.

The idea behind minimalism is that there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with having a few things, as long as those items are functional and add value to our lives.

The Rise of the Spa Bathroom

Another trend that is seeing a resurgence this year is the spa bathroom. This look often includes features like a freestanding bathtub, rainfall showerhead, and luxurious materials like marble or granite. It can be a great way to add luxury and relaxation to your home.


Color is an integral part of any home décor. While it’s important not to go overboard, adding a splash of the right shade can transform and elevate your space. It would be best to stick with softer colors that are easy on the eyes without feeling cold and sterile. Tones like yellow, grey, green, and blue can all be used to great effect in the bathroom.


Lighting is an often overlooked aspect of home décor, but it can make a huge difference to your space. In the bathroom, you’ll want something that illuminates well while still creating an inviting atmosphere.

A combination of overhead light and spotlights are great for this. It’s also important to consider the type of lightbulbs you’re using. Warm, yellow-toned bulbs are perfect for the bathroom, as they help create a cozy atmosphere.

Your bathroom may not be the largest room in your home, its impact on your quality of life can’t be underestimated. If you’re looking to update your bathroom this year, be sure to give these tips a read.

DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

This DIY video tutorial explains how to tile a bathroom floor.

Overall, the video provides great advice, a few tips, and answers to some commonly asked questions in a short time. However, the speaker does not introduce himself and talks too fast. Otherwise, his personality and professionalism make a good DIY instructor. The video is also free from distractions and ads which makes a great viewer experience.

The video assumes viewers have a fair amount of knowledge already. It leaves too many questions unanswered for the beginner DIYer. When the speaker tiles, he does not mention the size of the tile he’s using or whether that is a determining factor in the mortar needed, modified vs. unmodified.

Further, he’s using a ceramic tile. Do DIYers use the same products and procedures for other types of tile? He also starts in the middle but doesn’t say why. What if this leaves an odd-sized strip near the wall?

Starting at the three-minute mark, he quickly skims over the finishing steps leaving DIYers with more questions than answers. For example, how much gap should be between the tile and trim? Addressing details and slowing down the speech will help to satisfy viewer intent.

DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – Tub and Shower Faucet Trim

The primary goal of this video is to inform the audience about how to replace a tub and faucet trim.

The video was not really easy to follow because it featured stills/images with a voiceover of the speaker explaining how to do this DIY project. The images were not even clear, and the video assumed that viewers knew the names of all the parts, which made it hard to understand the steps.

A great way to improve this video is to include footage of a person actually performing the project. That way, the viewer can actually see how to replace the tub and faucet trim.

The voice in the video was extremely dry, and the stills/images made it even more uninteresting. The speaker could have included a little humor to make the video more entertaining.

The videos didn’t have any promotions, but the images/stills were a little distracting.

DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Replace a Shower Head

The video is highly recommended for those who would like to replace their shower head.

Many viewers watched the video because it was really straightforward. The creators of the video assumed that its audience were completely unfamiliar with replacing a showerhead; as a result, they included a useful supply list.

In addition, the video reminded us to place a towel in the bathtub to protect the area from fallen parts, which is a step that many people wouldn’t know to do.

The steps that are mentioned in the video are extremely easy to understand. The video even showcased the steps on the side of the video to ensure that people wouldn’t get confused.

Although the video was short and sweet, it wasn’t particularly entertaining. One way to make it more interesting is to showcase a person actually talking in the video. A spokesperson could include humor and an upbeat personality to create a more interesting video.

The video only promoted Home Depot at the end, so it wasn’t very distracting. Thankfully, there were not any distractions in the video.

DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Install or Replace a Bathroom

The video was created to show viewers how to replace a bathroom sink.

One of the best things about this video is that it was short and really simple to follow. Since the video showed a customer replacing his own sink with the guidance of an employee, people will be encouraged to replace their bathroom sink too.

Along with showing us how to replace a sink, the video also included the steps on the side of the screen. In addition, the employee gave us some helpful tips as he was walking everyone through the replacement.

The video was extremely easy to understand since the employee assumed that we didn’t know a lot about sinks. As a result, every step was explained in detail

The video was a little corny, which made it slightly entertaining without really trying. Aside from its unintended corniness, the video was dry. In order to make the video more interesting, it would be a great idea to include some humor.

The video did not have any distractions or promotions until the end, which hardly mattered because the steps were already presented.

DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Install a Bathroom Sink Drain

The video was created to help people install a new bathroom sink drain.

The video was extremely easy to followed since it was separated into four simple steps. It even told us exactly what we need to get started with this project.

The speaker assumed that we knew the name of certain sink parts, so some knowledge may be necessary to encourage an easy installation. However, even people who have never install a bathroom sink drain should be to do this project as long as they follow the steps.

A straightforward and easy-to-follow video, it was a bit dry, but a least the speaker didn’t waste time explaining the steps. Some humor could definitely be added to make the video more interesting and entertaining.

There were no promotions or distractions in the video; as a result, it’s easy to watch it from beginning to end without getting frustrated.

DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – How to Fix a Weak Flushing Toilet

The purpose of this video is to educate the audience on how to get a toilet to flush properly.

Thankfully, the video wasn’t too dry. In fact, it will immediately catch most people’s attention by the speaker’s matter of fact statement “this is the bathroom everyone.” Most viewers can’t help but chuckle at this funny declaration.

The video also provided comic relief with the inclusion of “Courtney.”

For the most part, this video was clear and easy to follow. The speaker clearly explained the problem and then he proceeded to offer a great solution.

The video definitely assumed that the viewers know the components of a toilet. To improve the video, he could explain and identify certain parts that he referenced such as the flapper and the valve. It would be beneficial if he actually pointed to the flapper and valve more directly as he was speaking.

Also, the speaker mentioned that the chain should be loose enough so that the flapper sits over the valve, but he doesn’t go into detail about how to adjust the tautness in the chain.

Fortunately, there were not a lot of distractions or promotions.

DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – How To Refinish your Bathroom Tub and Tile

The video provided an excellent step by step guide to refinishing a bathroom tub and tile with superior performance paint from Rust-Oleum.

The great thing about this video is that the speaker assumed people didn’t have prior knowledge about refinishing a bathroom tub and tile. As a result, it took us through each step, detailing exactly what we needed to do.

One step reminded us to read all of the directions on the box thoroughly. Many people will appreciate this reminder because it ensures that no step is missed.

Viewers will also appreciate that the video reminded us to use fans and windows for ventilation, wear gloves and safety glasses while mixing the painting, and putting down tape down before painting.

The video even provided a handy materials list to make sure that we had the necessary supplies for the project.

By the time people complete this project, their tub should look like real porcelain and ceramic.

While the video was straightforward and simple to follow, it could be a little more entertaining. The music at the beginning did make it slightly interesting.

DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – Chipped Bathtub Repair

The primary purpose of this video is to teach viewers about the best way to repair a chip in the tub.

The entire video was straightforward and simple to follow, and thankfully, viewers do not need any prior bathroom repair knowledge for this project. All the viewers need is cleaning solution, tape, a scraper, puddy, and sandpaper.

Many viewers will really appreciate that the video provided great helpful tips to make this project quicker and easier. They may also like how the speaker provided every single step even ones that may seem self-explanatory.

The only improvement that the video could use is a little humor. Although it certainly wasn’t entertaining, the video clearly states how to repair a bathtub chip in less than one minute. Can it get much better than that?

There were not any promotions or other distractions in the video, which made it easy to watch.