DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Replace a Shower Head

The video is highly recommended for those who would like to replace their shower head.

Many viewers watched the video because it was really straightforward. The creators of the video assumed that its audience were completely unfamiliar with replacing a showerhead; as a result, they included a useful supply list.

In addition, the video reminded us to place a towel in the bathtub to protect the area from fallen parts, which is a step that many people wouldn’t know to do.

The steps that are mentioned in the video are extremely easy to understand. The video even showcased the steps on the side of the video to ensure that people wouldn’t get confused.

Although the video was short and sweet, it wasn’t particularly entertaining. One way to make it more interesting is to showcase a person actually talking in the video. A spokesperson could include humor and an upbeat personality to create a more interesting video.

The video only promoted Home Depot at the end, so it wasn’t very distracting. Thankfully, there were not any distractions in the video.

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