DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – How to Fix a Toilet Tank

The video was created to show viewers how to fix a toilet with a leak.

The video would be much more beneficial if it explained certain parts of the toilet such as the fill vale, flapper, and float cup. The speaker just assumes that viewers understand the basics of how a toilet works; as a result, it was difficult to follow the steps in this project. Fortunately, the video did display these parts on the screen, so we can look up them up on the internet.

The video was extremely dry, but people who have experience working with toilets probably wouldn’t mind. They will just be happy learning how to fix a toilet tank. Some viewers may be concerned that the video was uninteresting and hard to understand.

There was a Home Depot logo on the side of the screen, but thankfully, it wasn’t distracting. There were no other promotions in the video.

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