DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

This DIY video tutorial explains how to tile a bathroom floor.

Overall, the video provides great advice, a few tips, and answers to some commonly asked questions in a short time. However, the speaker does not introduce himself and talks too fast. Otherwise, his personality and professionalism make a good DIY instructor. The video is also free from distractions and ads which makes a great viewer experience.

The video assumes viewers have a fair amount of knowledge already. It leaves too many questions unanswered for the beginner DIYer. When the speaker tiles, he does not mention the size of the tile he’s using or whether that is a determining factor in the mortar needed, modified vs. unmodified.

Further, he’s using a ceramic tile. Do DIYers use the same products and procedures for other types of tile? He also starts in the middle but doesn’t say why. What if this leaves an odd-sized strip near the wall?

Starting at the three-minute mark, he quickly skims over the finishing steps leaving DIYers with more questions than answers. For example, how much gap should be between the tile and trim? Addressing details and slowing down the speech will help to satisfy viewer intent.

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