DIY Bathroom Renovation video review – Easy Small Bathroom Remodel

Easy Small Bathroom Remodel, a YouTube production from Fix This Build That, is a very good demonstration of a bathroom renovation. Brad Rodriguez explains the basics of the DIY project for anyone with some basic skills can complete with professional results.

Brad explains his intent to give the small bathroom a facelift. He removes the old tile to find the contractor used an odd adhesive unnecessarily, making it difficult to remove, but he has it done in short order. He explains the importance of removing all adhesive from the cement floor. Then he demonstrates how to remove the toilet, he recommends that the tank be removed separately, but he removes the bowl and tank at once. The old cabinet and sink are torn down and removed.

He reminds viewers of the importance of wearing eye protection. When he attempts to remove the plate mirror, the mirror cracks. He duct-taped the remaining glass and, with heavy gloves, removed it piece by piece, only to find the original contractor used excessive adhesive. So much so, the drywall was badly damaged.

Rather than haphazardly repairing the patches, he demonstrated how to remove the section of the damaged drywall and cut a near-perfect fitting new wallboard. Then he used a special augmented reality app to decide what color paint he wanted and explained standard practices for priming and painting bathrooms.

Brad demonstrated how to install a new sink and how to place vinyl flooring very well.

For the most part, the painting, toilet reinstallation, and flooring install were clear and to the point. He glossed over some aspects, but he did refer viewers to other videos of his. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated standard practices well. The demonstration is an excellent launch to a relatively easy DIY project for someone with limited experience.

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