DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – How To Refinish your Bathroom Tub and Tile

The video provided an excellent step by step guide to refinishing a bathroom tub and tile with superior performance paint from Rust-Oleum.

The great thing about this video is that the speaker assumed people didn’t have prior knowledge about refinishing a bathroom tub and tile. As a result, it took us through each step, detailing exactly what we needed to do.

One step reminded us to read all of the directions on the box thoroughly. Many people will appreciate this reminder because it ensures that no step is missed.

Viewers will also appreciate that the video reminded us to use fans and windows for ventilation, wear gloves and safety glasses while mixing the painting, and putting down tape down before painting.

The video even provided a handy materials list to make sure that we had the necessary supplies for the project.

By the time people complete this project, their tub should look like real porcelain and ceramic.

While the video was straightforward and simple to follow, it could be a little more entertaining. The music at the beginning did make it slightly interesting.

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