DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – How to Install or Replace a Bathroom

The video was created to show viewers how to replace a bathroom sink.

One of the best things about this video is that it was short and really simple to follow. Since the video showed a customer replacing his own sink with the guidance of an employee, people will be encouraged to replace their bathroom sink too.

Along with showing us how to replace a sink, the video also included the steps on the side of the screen. In addition, the employee gave us some helpful tips as he was walking everyone through the replacement.

The video was extremely easy to understand since the employee assumed that we didn’t know a lot about sinks. As a result, every step was explained in detail

The video was a little corny, which made it slightly entertaining without really trying. Aside from its unintended corniness, the video was dry. In order to make the video more interesting, it would be a great idea to include some humor.

The video did not have any distractions or promotions until the end, which hardly mattered because the steps were already presented.

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