Survey Question #3: Does Your Shower Lose Cold Water When The Toilet Flushes?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you might want to think about a new bathroom remodel (or at least replacing your shower/tub fixture). The truth is, the days of having to leap out of the way of hot and cold streams of water is a thing of the past where modern bathroom fixtures are concerned. New shower fixtures and faucets have systems built in to prevent these kind of temperature imbalances, enabling everybody in your home can take care of business without ruining each other’s day. Here are a few other signs that you might be ready for an upgrade when it comes to your basic bathroom fixtures:

  • Your tub or sink plugs are missing or no longer seal
  • You have separate hot and cold knobs on your bathtub or shower fixture
  • Your tub faucet leaks when you shower
  • Your sink faucet is missing the pull valve
  • Your sink and/or tub doesn’t have a safety drain

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