Survey Question #4: Is Your Tile Grout or Caulk Failing?

If the answer is yes, you might want to think of it as an opportunity for a larger bathroom remodel. Failing tile grout doesn’t just look bad, it often leads to larger problems, like mildew and mold, loose tiles, and more serious water damage if water gets behind surface materials and compromises structural elements of your bathroom. The same goes for areas where old caulk is giving way (though this is an easier fix). It is true that you can remove old grout and re-grout old tile if you choose to, but it is laborious work, and many homeowners see it as an opportunity to embrace a larger remodel given the amount of work that it entails. If you’re going to get your hands dirty (or pay somebody to do it for you), why not replace that old, boring, subway tile with a new design, and upgrade your outdated bathroom fixtures at the same time?

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