Survey Question #5: Does Your Bathroom Have Enough Storage?

If you answer is NO, then you might want to consider a larger bathroom remodel. Older bathrooms were designed with economy in mind, and were rarely designed to accommodate larger storage needs. That’s not the case anymore. The average American keeps everything from beauty products, to pharmaceuticals, to cleaning products and extra towels in their bathroom, and that doesn’t even account for a good magazine or two. If you’re constantly cursing the lack of space in your bathroom, think about what these simple additions to your bathroom remodel can do in terms of increasing your storage options:

  • Vanities with Cabinets, Drawers, and Additional Shelving
  • Recessed Medicine Cabinets
  • Built in Cabinets
  • Tiered Towel Racks and Additional Hooks
  • Sink Skirts
  • Built in Shelving
  • Door Racks

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