Survey Question #9: Is Your Bathroom Private?

If your answer is NO, we have a few tips for you to try out.

Bathrooms are, necessarily, places of privacy. Unfortunately, they are sometimes placed in uncomfortable locations within the home—just off the kitchen, as a door leading to the living room, or sandwiched between bedrooms. This can prove to be a detriment to those who want to use the space while others inhabit outside rooms. If you believe thin walls to be the issue, consider installing sound deadening drywall or wrapping the pipes in insulation.

For added comfort, consider adding a white noise machine or toilet sound blocker. This will help bathroom users feel more comfortable “doing their business,” even if the bathroom is located in a particularly audible spot within the home.

Perhaps your privacy issue is one of sight, not sound. If your bathroom window overlooks a populated area—your neighbor’s yard, or maybe even your neighbor’s window—replacing the glass is the best, most cost-effective way to address the inconvenience. Privacy glass is a simple and inexpensive way to shield bathroom users from the outside world. The glass comes in several varieties and thicknesses, so choose the option that best suits your individual need.

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