Question: Do You Need Design Ideas for a Modern Bathroom?

New Year! New Format! We’re doing away with the numbered series and just tackling topics that we consider to be Frequently Asked Questions. Enjoy!

Modern bathrooms are sophisticated, elegant and functional. They offer open space to relax and storage space to keep things tidy and clean. When it’s time to remodel the bathroom in your home, consider these design tips for luxury and sophistication.

  • Vanities with Legs: Bulky cabinets with straight sides are fine for most bathrooms, but they don’t always fit with a modern décor. Look for cabinets featuring open shelves underneath and legs. The clear view under the fixture will make the room seem larger and more welcoming.
  • Floating Cabinets: Storage is a necessity in the bathroom, but bulky cabinets can make the room feel crowded. Consider adding floating cabinets. Mounted neatly on the wall, they leave the floor space underneath them exposed. The room will feel larger and cleaning will be a breeze.
  • Roomy Showers: No one wants to feel crowded, especially when taking a shower. A large shower stall will provide you with all the space you need to get clean and relax in the process. Recessed lighting will brighten the space and chase away the cave-like feeling that plagues so many showers.
  • Frameless Shower Doors: When you have stunning tiles in the shower, you want it to become a focal point of the room. Frameless glass shower doors will visually enlarge the space while also showing off your magnificent tiles.
  • Tile to the Ceiling: Traditional bathrooms carry the tile only seven feet up the wall, but modern bathrooms carry the tile all the way to the ceiling. This simple change makes the bathroom feel more luxurious and the look will be stunning.
  • Brightly Lit: Shadows are banished in modern bathrooms. Recessed lighting and modern fixtures can be used to keep this space properly illuminated. The use of glass tiles will also help reflect light and make it seem even brighter.
  • Color Contrast: Modern decorating doesn’t mean monochromatic use of colors. Bold colors combined with soothing, light colors will create interest and beauty in any room. Choose colors that complement each other for a welcoming, modern look.
  • Natural Elements: Modern decorating embraces natural elements like pebble tiles, natural stones and elegant wood. Look for clean lines and a smooth finish to ensure that your choice will work in your modern bathroom.

Modern decorating isn’t just for mansions and the Hollywood set. You can incorporate modern design into your next bathroom renovation. With the right fixtures and accessories, you can create a modern bathroom that will add value to your home and put a smile on your face.

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