DIY Bathroom Repair Tutorial Review – How to Fix a Toilet – Fill Valve Replacement

The video was a demonstration on how to easily replace a fill valve for a toilet. It gave instructions to turn the water off before you start the replacement. It went on to take off the lid off the tank of the toilet, flush the toilet and unscrew the water hose from the tank. You then remove the existing valve and install the new valve. Reattach the water house and turn the water back on and you will be back up and running. This saves you the time and money of having a make an appointment and pay for a plumbing professional to come and fix it.

The instructions were very clear and pretty much straight to the point, making it easy for anyone to do when it is time for a fill valve replacement. The speaker in the video was very clear and well spoken. The video was very encouraging and offered amazing detailed information.

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