DIY Bathroom Install Tutorial Review – Grab Bar Installation

This video educates viewers on how to properly install a grab bar.

A fast-paced and straightforward video, viewers really need to pay attention to keep up.

The speaker definitely assumes that the audience has a basic understanding of how to use a drill for a successful grab bar installation.

With this said, this video was easy to follow for the most part, but it would help if the speaker explained what certain components were such as a stud finder.

The speaker was also talking way too fast for viewers who do not have a lot of experience working with a drill. Those who have performed similar projects will probably be able to keep up with the video though.

The video was dry, but it was funny at times. For example, when the speaker excitedly said “done” after quickly installing a grab bar next to the tub. A person who does not have much experience with a drill may have been “left in the dust” so to speak.

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